St Briavels suffers from the nuisance and danger of speeding traffic through the village, mainly on the B4228 Coleford-Chepstow road. It has been a concern for St Briavels Parish Council and many parishioners for many years. It remains the subject most complained about and is a key focus for the council. We continue to work on schemes to reduce such speeding, including attempts to reduce the speed limit though the village on East St. and High St. from 30 mph to 20 mph, which is achieving good progress, and also a traffic improvement scheme for the B4228, which will bring in speed-reducing measures near the school and at the East St. junction. In the last few years, we have undertaken several speed surveys on the B4228 and through the centre of the village and found that the worst speeding incidents and the most accidents happen between the East St. crossroads and the school. We will be monitoring speeds on this stretch of road again periodically. The data collected is given to Highways and the police.

Further safety measures on the roads near the school have also been considered and we are encouraging the introduction of a pedestrian-centred Traffic Regulation Order – i.e. double pink lines – on both sides of a short stretch of road to facilitate the crossing of parents and children at the school’s drop-off and pick-up times. This will have the added benefit of also improving traffic congestion at the school junction with the B4228, and reducing the impact on emergency and other large vehicles entering the village at that junction. The aim is to create a vehicle-free passage on both sides of the road where people habitually cross from the B4228 side of the road to the grass verge side of the road. This has been welcomed by the school staff and governors, the PTA and the Parents’ Forum, as well as by Highways, the parish council and local PCSOs.

We are also thinking of ways of tackling the perceived parking problem that many parishioners ask about and have been doing so for many years.

We continue to welcome feedback from all parishioners regarding all aspects of Highways-related issues and have a long list of items that we work through 4 times a year with Highways and 10 times a year with the parish council, as well as whenever circumstances require throughout the weeks and months.

Thank you all for your support, and patience, while we get these new schemes delivered and we continue to work on making all our roads safer for everyone to use.