Chairman:                  Cllr Chivers

Vice Chairman:          TBC

Lead Councillors:

Finance – Cllr McFarling

Governance and Staffing – TBC

Footpaths – Cllr Hurley

Highways – Cllr Hurley

Planning – Cllr McFarling

Cemeteries – TBC

Assets and Maintenance – Cllr Chivers



Other Bodies:

Playing Fields Association:  Cllr Walker

Alms Houses: Cllr Plummer

William Whittington and United Charities: Cllrs McFarling

Internal Verification and Audit:

Internal Auditor: M Highton

External Auditor & Bank:

Auditor:                     Grant Thornton LLP UK

Bank:                          Unity Bank

Cheque Signatories: Two signatures are required on every cheque, and on every online authorisation.