St. Briavels Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 14th May, 2018  in the Assembly Rooms, St. Briavels at 7:35 p.m.



Cllrs. Chivers (Chairman), Clarke, Hurley, Lounds, McFarling, Plummer, Rees and Walker.



District Cllr. Hale (9.30p.m.), Clerk and 2 members of the public.



   It was resolved to accept apologies from Cllr. Joyce and County Cllr. Molyneux.



Cllr. Rees – item 18.1 – member of Woodland Trust.

Cllr. Lounds – item 18.6 – his own planning application.

Cllr. Chivers – item 22.2 – payment for invoice 18/14.



None received.



It was resolved to adopt, as a true record, the minutes of the last meeting held on 9th April, 2018 with one minor amendment.



In response to questions asked outside the meeting by members of the public regarding how the costs of legal action being taken by the St. Briavels Assembly Rooms Trustees would be covered, part of a response was read out by Cllr. Hurley.  Any person requiring information should contact the Trustees for a written response.



         FOREST OF DEAN DISTRICT COUNCIL – the following applications were considered:


  LPA Ref / applicant Location Proposal
18.1 P0457/18/ADV

The Woodland Trust

Land at A466 from Great Grove to Bigsweir Bridge, Bigsweir,

St. Briavels

Advertisement consent for the erection of three free-standing welcome signs.

Object to the two signs at Cadora as it is not clear what wording will be on the signs and they are also in an inappropriate location.

18.2 P0045/18/DISCON

J. Harper & Sons

9 No. New Dwellings at

St. Briavels, Whittington Close (Smithville Place)

Discharge of conditions 03 (materials), 04 (foul and surface water drainage), 07 (landscaping) and 08 (construction method statement) of planning permission P0109/16/FUL.  No Comment.
18.3 P0570/18/FUL

Ms. R. Reilly &

Mr. J. Sansom

The Old Bakery, The Bearse,

St. Briavels

Erection of a single storey front extension, single storey side extension with internal alterations and associated works.

No objection.

18.4 P0634/18/AG

Messrs. N. & R. Johnson

Bearse Farm, The Bearse, St. Briavels Erection of an agricultural building with associated works.

The size of the building was questioned and concern expressed regarding access.

Voted – 5 for, 2 against, 1 abstention.

18.5 P0665/18/FUL

Mrs. P. Parry

Dunromin, East Street,

St. Briavels

Erection of a bungalow and single garage with associated works.  Demolition of existing bungalow and garage.

No objection subject to further bat surveys.

18.6 P0443/18/FUL

Mr. P. Lounds

The Steps, East Street,

St. Briavels

Erection of a single storey side extension with associated works.

No objection.



         To receive reports on the following ongoing actions:


Minute & Date: Delegated to Details: Status:
248.7 April 2017

188.8 Jan 2018

Cllr. Rees

Cllr. McFarling

Following a meeting with Tim Bird, Cllr. McFarling outlined the works to three trees that will require the attention of a tree surgeon. A draft tree management plan to be presented to the next meeting which will detail the works/maintenance required to the trees in the Village. Ongoing
48b June 2017 Cllr. Chivers


Revise Asset Register Circulate list of assets to Councillors – Closed.
96.5 Sept 2017 Cllr. Chivers Three Posts Lane – Cllr. Hurley to organise a meeting with Jeff Wheeler and bring a proposal to the next meeting including the offer of a contribution to the works of £500. Ongoing
131 Oct 2017 Cllrs. Walker & Lounds Christmas lights – it was noted that a string of blue commercial lights has been donated. Ongoing – contact various people to explore other options.
184 Jan 2018 Cllr. McFarling Memorial Tree for Mr. Bart Venner –  having spoken to Mrs. Venner, the Forestry Commission and Forestry Society a Tree of Heaven had been suggested. Ongoing – location to be investigated.  Clerk to chase Fiona Stokes, Guinness Partnership regarding land adjacent to Whittington Close.
188.8 Jan 2018 Cllrs. McFarling & Chivers Birch trees on the old Barrowell Lane in need of attention. Include with item 248.7 above.
210 Feb 2018 Cllr. Chivers St. Briavels Get-together – to be held on Wednesday, 23rd May (6-9.00 p.m.) in The Pavilion. Debs Flint to provide a two-course buffet for 40 people. Ongoing – Cllr. Chivers hoped that everyone would be able to attend the Get-together.
213.3 Feb 2018 Cllr. Chivers Funding for Village Handyman – approach The Resilience Centre. Ongoing – no comments received and so the grant application will be submitted.
231.1 March ‘18 Cllr. Clarke Draft outline strategic plan for submission to the September meeting. Ongoing – Cllr. Clarke confirmed that ideas are coming forward for this plan.
233.1 March ‘18 Clerk E-mail to Two Rivers regarding parking on the grass verges sent and concerned resident informed. Ongoing – reply indicated that the land in question is thought to belong to the Parish Council.  Two Rivers questioned regarding this; awaiting response. To be chased.
234.4 March ‘18 Cllr. Plummer Cross Border Health Care – check whether there have been any meetings. Nothing new to report, therefore item closed.
248.5 April ‘18 Clerk Grant Application by School Governors towards the repair of the chimney – can the PC lawfully contribute to these costs. Ongoing – advice being sought from SLCC/NALC.
251 April 2018 Clerk Land at Whittington Close – contact FoDDC Estates Department to explore options. Closed – see agenda item 25.
255.4 April ‘18 Cllr. Rees/Clerk Helping Hands Community Group – contact Two Rivers to suggest a project. Ongoing




Not present.



          Cllr. McFarling reported on the following items:

  • The Forest Economic Partnership is at the ideas stage at the moment and looking at what the District Council can do to improve the economic position now and in the future.  Four sub groups have been created, namely: digitisation (including broadband), educational skills, River Severn third crossing and transport infrastructure.  Meeting dates to be circulated.
  • Live-streaming of the full District Council meetings in the future.  Costs associated with the project are £15,000 to install and £15,000 licence fee.
  • Five Acres Leisure Centre is being kept open with a grant on a rolling basis.  Homes England own the land and are currently going through the process of getting it valued.  The District Council will then decide whether to purchase the land or not.  A Community Impact Assessment is being carried and will be submitted to Cabinet.




          22.1      To note the accounts paid as approved at the last meeting:






Payee Purpose Auth Amount VAT
18/01 BACS Assembly Rooms Room Hire x 1 LGA 1972s.111 £33.00  
18/02 BACS Chris Haine Final invoice – Mediation Services for St. Briavels PC – Total 7 hours LGA 1972s.137 £350.00  
18/03 BACS GAPTC Annual Subscription LGA 1972s.143 £341.72  
18/04 S/O


Ursula Deighton Clerk (March) Salary


LGA 1972s.112(2)




18/05 BACS Richard Chuter Village Handyman (March)

4.5 hrs

LGA 1972s.137 £45.00  
18/06 BACS N. T. Sargent Grass cutting LGA 1972s.214 £468.00  
18/07 BACS C. M. Packham PAYE Admin Service 18/19 LGA 1972s.112(5) £60.00  
18/08 BACS Cllr. Chivers Payment made to Signs4You for “No Dogs Allowed” signs. LGA 1972s.111 £105.00 £21.00
18/09 BACS Lindors Country House Hotel Mediation – Room Hire and Refreshments LGA 1972s.111 £63.00  
18/10 BACS Cllr. Hurley Travel to Being a Better Councillor Course

61 miles @ £0.45p

LG(FP)A1963s.5 £27.45  
18/11 BACS Axe Tree & Garden Services Work to trees (item 249 – 9th April refers) LGA 1972s.111 285.00  
        TOTAL (inc VAT) £2,303.78  


          22.2    It was resolved to approve the following accounts for payment – Cllr. Rees chaired this item as the Chairman had declared an interest.  Proposed by Cllr. McFarling and seconded by Cllr. Plummer.  Clerk to chase payment for Jamie Morris from County Council.






Payee Purpose Auth Amount VAT Total incl.VAT
18/12 BACS Assembly Rooms Room Hire x 1 LGA 1972s.111 £33.00    
18/13 BACS Came & Company Insurance LGA 1972s.111 £379.00    
18/14 BACS Cllr. Chivers Bench LG(MP)A 1976s19(3) £152.78 £30.55 £183.33
18/15 BACS Ursula Deighton Clerk (April) Salary


LGA 1972s.112(2)




18/16 BACS Richard Chuter Village Handyman (April)

19 hours @ £10/hour

LGA 1972s.137 £190.00    
18/17 BACS N. T. Sargent Grass cutting LGA 1972s.214 £456.00    
18/18 BACS Ursula Deighton Renewal of Office 365 Subscription LGA 1972s 143 £49.99 £10.00 £59.99
        TOTAL (inc VAT) £1,805.93    



22.3      National Salary Award 2018-2019 – New Pay Scales for Clerks

It was resolved to accept the Clerk’s new pay scale for 2018-2019, to be implemented immediately and backdated to 1st April, 2018, as agreed by The National Joint Council for Local Government Services (NJC) and jointly recommended by NALC and SLCC.  The proposed change equates to an increase from £9.743/hour to £10.107/hour.


22.4      Ordnance Survey (OS) Map

It was agreed to put this item, to consider purchasing a custom-made personalised OS map at a cost of £16.99, on hold until a suitable site is found for the map.


22.5      Annual Report & Newsletter Printing

It was resolved to approve the cost of printing 700 copies of the Annual Report & Newsletter at a cost of £160.00.



A proposal by Cllr. Chivers to run a stall at St. Briavels Carnival on 9th June at a cost of £15.00 for better engagement with parishioners was approved.   Second by Cllr. McFarling.



Cllr. Lounds presented a revised plan regarding the TRO proposed for the School in order to make the area safer for children, parents and road users.  Following lengthy discussion, it was suggested that the School should take the lead and submit a proposal to the Parish Council once it has formulated a parking policy for staff, addressed the 5 minutes ‘drop-off’ window and consulted with staff and parents.



It was noted that a response is still awaited from FoDDC but it was likely that the land would be available for a nominal rent and for a flexible period of time.  Cllr. Walker is putting together a display board to show to parishioners at the Get-together/Farmers Market.  Ideas for the area include:

  • Dementia garden
  • Sensory garden
  • Incredible Edible – a food growing project
  • To improve the play area although there is a lot to be considered regarding the responsibilities involved in managing this type of facility.



         Following discussion, Cllr. Lounds agreed to bring a proposal to the June meeting with costings for two planters to be made, planted and maintained, together with possible sites.  It was suggested that Cllr. Lounds seek advice from Sue Davis of the Garden Society.



27.1      Finance – Cllr. McFarling – no report.

`         27.2      Governance & Staffing – Cllr. Rees said that he would be circulating a questionnaire to all Councillors as part of the Clerk’s review.

27.3      Footpaths – Cllr. Hurley updated members on progress including an incident that had caused a serious injury because of a loose stile and a post which had been wrapped with barbed wire.  The farmer has now covered the barbed wire with wood.

27.4      Highways – Cllr. Lounds reported that he was still waiting for the layby plans from Brian Watkins.

27.5      Planning – Cllr. McFarling – no report.

27.6      Emergency Planning/Snow Warden – Cllr. Walker – no report.

27.7      Cemeteries – Cllr. Rees – no report.

27.8      Assets & Maintenance – Cllr. Chivers – no report.



28.1      Playing Fields Association – Cllr. Walker – no report.

28.2      Charles Lord Denton Almshouses Trust – Cllr. Rees reported that he had circulated the following explanation to clarify the misunderstanding regarding trustees appointed by the Parish Council.

“Where trustees are appointed by the parish council, the council cannot itself administer the parochial charity.  The Trustees are an entirely different body from the parish council.  Councillors may be appointed by the council as trustees, but if so they are acting as trustees, not as councillors.” 

(Extract from Paul Clayden, The Parish Councillor’s Guide – pp45)


28.3      Remembrance Sunday – Centenary Celebrations Cllr. Plummer outlined the Project Plan for the Remembrance Sunday Service and the event afterwards. It was noted that the Parish Council will need to hire a P.A.system.  Cllr. Plummer will continue to speak to parishioners about their experiences and collect memorabilia for a display in the Assembly Rooms.

28.4      Child Safety Working Group

Cllr. Chivers reported that the Working Group, consisting of himself, Cllr. Plummer and Diane Denman had agreed it’s remit.  They intended to survey the Parish about a number of issues   including child safety and were in the process of producing a leaflet and would be contacting the   Primary School Headteacher for advice.



At 21.30 it was resolved to extend the meeting by no more than 30 minutes.



         29.1      School’s Garden Project – an e-mail had been received from Alexia Naylor regarding the future siting of the School’s garden which would be dismantled after the RHS Garden Show on 14th May, 2018.  There would be a display of the garden at a couple of local events to show everyone what has been achieved.  A response is awaited from Brian Watkins regarding siting the garden on High Green.  Another option would be to site the garden within the School Grounds and hold an Open Day for viewing.

29.2      CCTV – an e-mail from Claire Hughes (Legal Team Manager & Monitoring Officer, FoDDC) received via a local resident had been circulated to members prior to the meeting and its contents were noted.

29.3      Mediation/Confidentiality Agreement – a letter was e-mailed to the Clerk from the Trustees of the Charles Lord Denton Almhouses (AH) which expressed concern that the St. Briavels Assembly Rooms Trustees had broken the confidentiality agreement by publishing an account of the mediation meeting and that AH Trustees had no right of reply.  The Chairman stated that the confidence had been broken and that there was nothing that the Parish Council could do to help in this matter.

29.4      SBAR Trust: Appeal Regarding AH – a letter from the SBAR Trustees was handed to the Clerk at the beginning of the meeting which was too late for it to be considered.





         A member of the public mentioned that Parish Councillors could not be School Governors.  The Clerk to    investigate this statement.  The Chairman thanked the members of the public for staying until the end of the      meeting.








Time Meeting Venue Agenda items &

Dispensation requests by:

23rd May 18.30 Get-together Pavilion n/a
11th June 18.30 Parish Council Meeting Assembly Rooms 1st June
9th July 18.30 Parish Council Meeting Assembly Rooms 29th June
August   No Meeting    
10th September 18.30 Parish Council Meeting Assembly Rooms 31st August
8th October 18.30 Parish Council Meeting Assembly Rooms 28th September
12th November 18.30 Parish Council Meeting Assembly Rooms 2nd November
December   No Meeting   n/a

NB: 18.30 for viewing of planning applications and talk to parishioners; 19.00 meeting commences.



The following Councillors are required to conduct a financial check by the meeting date shown and report at the following meeting their findings.

Cllrs. Due date
Walker, Plummer 9th July 2018
McFarling, Lounds 8th October 2018
Chivers, Hurley 14th January 2019


Meeting closed at 10.10 p.m.