East Street Closures

The rollout of broadband fibre has hit St Briavels village. The works in East Street will continue along to the Square during the next couple of weeks.

This will involve some disruption including the closure of the road to pedestrians and vehicles during the day for safety reasons. Any resident in the closure zone will be helped to exit and enter their properties by the contractors. Please ask them to help as there are diggers and drills and trenches to navigate round. The work areas will be made safe outside of work hours, presumably after 4 or 5 pm, so that pedestrians can once more use the road without hindrance.

For businesses, the contractors will discuss options to find the best solution with the minimum of disruption. Inevitably, when a trench is being dug outside the property (e.g. The Pantry), there will need to be a temporary closure of access to the shop for safety reasons.

We understand that the work team are doing the best they can to get the work done as efficiently as possible and ask that affected local residents discuss issues with them as soon as they can. For pedestrians and drivers, unfortunately there will be a temporary need to go the long way round. But in the end, we should have improved connectivity which will benefit us all in the long run.

As your Parish and County Councillor Chris McFarling will be more than happy to respond to problems if and when they arise.