B4228 Diversion re Duct Clearing pre Gigaclear works

Cllr Chris McFarling has provided helpful information re various works on the B4228 coming soon – as per the map provided by GCC Highways:

“The best diversion from the Tutshill end of the B4228 is along the Gloucester roads onto the A48 to Lydney and then the Bream avenue up to Coleford and  Vice versa.  This applies particularly to HGVs. Access to the Tutshill school will be maintained from the Chepstow end but from the Coleford end, diversions will apply and again using thee A48 is recommended.

For those in Newland parish, and Brockweir Parish, using the A466 Wye Valley Road may be easier depending on the destination.

For those drivers who want to test the system, they may well end up having to divert down the narrow lanes which with restricted passing places, may cause grid lock. I strongly advise that they don’t test the system. I’m not sure if the contractors will clear the road at night or whether they will maintain road closed throughout the whole works period.

Again my advice is to use the A48 if at all possible. The works involved are looking to unblock BT fibre optic ducts for use by Gigaclear cables. Depending on the severity of the blockages will depend on how long the road will be closed but could be as little as 3 or 4 days or as long as suggested on the signs.

Once finished, if there are signs left out that don’t apply please let me know as contractors are now fined for leaving signs out after the works have been completed.”

AVONLI~1 TM Plan KA080GC-C421367-S558568