1. The Parish Council supports development which is sympathetic to the character of the area i.e. style, materials, windows and finishes. Where development either new or alterations and extensions to existing is proposed, the Parish Council will always seek to ensure that it blends in with and is sympathetic to the surrounding area.

2.   On new builds and substantial renovation or extension of existing properties, the Parish Council supports the installation of renewable energy sources and / or those which minimise carbon emissions or the use of fossil fuels, providing such systems take account of the impact on the local environment, with particular regard to their visual impact on the surrounding countryside and the built environment i.e. Listed Buildings, Conservation Areas and the AONB.

3. The Parish Council supports the growth of the village and wishes to particularly encourage the development of new starter homes. The Parish Council believes that land between Bream Road and Coleford Road is the most suitable area for housing development.

4. The Parish Council wishes to encourage more local employment in the Parish in the form of office based businesses in the new technology and service industries and in the form of tourism and craft based businesses.

5. The Parish Council will consider all planning applications based on their individual circumstances and merits.  The Planning Committee will meet twice a month if necessary in order to respond to all Planning applications within the District Council’s required timescale.

This policy was adopted by the Parish Council at their meeting on 18th October 2005 and revised at their meeting on 20th February 2007.