St Briavels Parish Council & Burial Authority shall be the Burial Authority for St Briavels Cemetery under the Local Government Act 1972(A) and the Local Authorities Cemeteries Order 1974. The Burial Ground has been consecrated for Burials according to the rights of the Church of England.

The exclusive right of burial must be purchased at the time of the first interment and produced to the Clerk or the Undertaker when arranging subsequent re-opening of a Purchased Grave. The Registrar’s Certificate for Burial or the Coroner’s Burial Order must be forwarded to the Clerk on or before the day of the Burial.

A purchaser or Owner of the Exclusive Right of Burial in a grave space shall not dispose of such right without the consent of the Burial Authority. All transfer of such rights shall be prepared by the Burial Authority at the expense of the applicant. If the exclusive right of Burial Grant Certificate cannot be produced at the time of the second interment, the owner of such a grant or his/her legal representative must produce a completed form of formal declaration to the Clerk of the Burial Authority.

Where the exclusive right of Burial in a grave space is not purchased at the time of Burial, the exclusive right shall remain with the Burial Authority. No memorial shall be erected on such a grave before the exclusive right of Burial has been purchased by the next of kin or legal representative of the person buried in such a grave.

Prescribed additional charges shall be payable where a person to be interred was not a resident of the Burial Authority’s prescribed area or parish, in accordance with fees and charges approved and published by the Burial Authority. The exception being a person who had to leave the Burial Authority’s prescribed area due to ill health and became resident in a Nursing Home or Residential Home for not more than two years.

The cemetery is laid as a lawn cemetery and graves are to be left flat with turfs re-laid. Therefore no grave mounds with a type of edging, footstones, kerbstones, flat stones, planting of trees/shrubs or use of plastic flowers will be permitted.


All memorials to be of lawn type headstone and base. Maximum overall size being 2’10” x 2’6” wide and 4” thickness. No footstones, flat stones, kerbstones or glass or plastic vases will be permitted. Any memorial vases, maximum size 8” x 8” x 8” to be fixed at head of the grave only.

Cremation Memorial tablets size 18” x 18” fixed flush to the ground.

Memorials/gravestones are to be kept in repair by the families/relatives. Where relations no longer exist the Parish Council may repair or remove in the interest of safety.

All applications require a drawing showing details of the inscription and any embellishments. These should be sent to the Clerk to obtain prior approval.

The Burial Authority has the right to remove any memorial that does not comply with the Burial Authority’s Regulations.

A full table of charges appears on this site