St. Briavels Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 9th April, 2018 in the Assembly Rooms, St. Briavels at 7:00 p.m.




Cllrs. Chivers (Chairman), Clarke, Hurley, McFarling, Plummer and Rees.



County Cllr. Molyneux (7.05p.m.), District Cllr. Hale (7.35 p.m.), Clerk, 6 members of the public.



Apologies for absence were accepted from Cllrs. Joyce, Lounds and Walker who was attending a Dementia meeting and may be late.



Cllr. McFarling – item 245 (213.3) Trustee, Resilience Centre.

Cllrs. Chivers and Hurley – item 248.2, both having payments requiring authorisation.

Cllrs. McFarling and Rees – item 248.5, both School Governors.

Cllrs. Hurley and Rees – item 252 – both Trustees of the Charities involved.



A dispensation request was received from Cllr. McFarling in respect of Item 248.5 in order to provide information if required.



It was resolved to adopt, as a true record, the minutes of the last meeting held on 12th March, 2018 as amended and circulated to all members.



A member of the public commented on the note which is appended to the minutes of the meeting held on 12th February, 2018 and that he thought that a vote should have been taken at the two public meetings regarding the safety cameras.  Also, a statement was read out on behalf of the St. Briavels Assembly Rooms Trustees and a response was received and noted from the Charles Lord Denton Almshouses.



         FOREST OF DEAN DISTRICT COUNCIL – the following applications were considered:


  LPA Ref / applicant Location Proposal
244.1 P0325/18/FUL

Mr. & Mrs. Morris

Grange View, Hilgay Road,

Brockweir, NP16 7NT

Change of use of agricultural land to residential curtilage.  Erection of a detached garage. No objection.
244.2 P0175/18/FUL

Mr. & Mrs. Curtis

Old Cider Mill, Lower Meend, St. Briavels. Replacement of existing roof to create a steeper pitch including an increase of 500mm in height to existing walls to accommodate additional bedrooms in loft space with associated works. No objection on condition that FoDDC are satisfied with the bat survey, plus the placement of bat and bird boxes.
244.3 P0418/18/LBC

Ms. S. Gunter

St. Mary’s Chantry, East Street,

St. Briavels

Listed Building Consent for internal alterations to ground and first floor.  New access stair to loft area.  Changes to fenestration, including secondary glazing, insertion of roof light to rear roof slope.  Re-roofing and external alterations.

No objection.






         To receive reports on the following ongoing actions:


Minute & Date: Delegated to Details: Status:
248.7 April 2017 Cllr. Rees

Cllr. McFarling

Cemetery – draft tree management plan – there was now some snow damage to the trees. Ongoing – Meeting with Tim Bird scheduled for 10th April; draft tree management plan to be produced.
48b June 2017 Cllr. Chivers


Revise Asset Register – a number of issues need to be clarified. Ongoing – circulate list of assets to Councillors.
96.5 Sept 2017 Cllr. Chivers Three Posts Lane – obtain 2 additional quotes for the work quoted for by TCV. Ongoing – quotes required.  Cllr. Hurley to ask Jeff Wheeler if he is able to help.
131 Oct 2017 Cllrs. Walker & Lounds Christmas lights – it was noted that a string of blue commercial lights has been donated. Ongoing – contact various people to explore other options.
184 Jan 2018 Cllr. McFarling Memorial Tree for Mr. Bart Venner –  having spoken to Mrs. Venner, the Forestry Commission and Forestry Society a Tree of Heaven had been suggested. Ongoing – location to be investigated.  Clerk to chase Fiona Stokes, Guinness Partnership regarding land adjacent to Whittington Close.
186 Jan 2018 Cllr. Plummer Remembrance Sunday 2018 – Centenary – a project plan and costings to be presented to the May meeting. Closed – reports on progress to be received under Council Representatives’ Reports.
188.8 Jan 2018 Cllrs. McFarling & Chivers Birch trees on the old Barrowell Lane in need of attention. Ongoing – awaiting expert advice.
208 Feb 2018 Cllr. Chivers Safety Cameras – set up a working group.  Cllr. Chivers detailed the members of the working group and their areas of expertise. Closed – meeting to be held on 12th April; progress to be reported to May PC meeting.
210 Feb 2018 Cllr. Chivers St. Briavels Get-together – to be held on Wednesday, 23rd May (6-9.00 p.m.) in The Pavilion. Debs Flint to provide a two-course buffet for 40 people. Ongoing – Cllrs. reminded to contact the people they have been allocated.
213.3 Feb 2018 Cllr. Chivers Funding for Village Handyman – approach The Resilience Centre. Ongoing – draft application circulated and comments/feedback requested by 4th May, 2018.
231.1 March ‘18 Cllr. Clarke Draft outline strategic plan for submission to the September meeting. Ongoing
233.1 March ‘18 Clerk e-mail to Two Rivers regarding parking on the grass verges sent and concerned resident informed. Ongoing – reply indicated that the land in questions is thought to belong to the Parish Council.  Two Rivers questioned regarding this; awaiting response.
234.4 March ‘18 Cllr. Plummer Cross Border Health Care – check whether there have been any meetings. Ongoing – noted that no meetings had taken place as yet.
248.5 April ‘18 Clerk Grant Application by School Governors towards the repair of the chimney – can the PC lawfully contribute to these costs. New Action
251 April 2018 Clerk Land at Whittington Close – contact FoDDC Estates Department to explore options. New Action
255.4 April ‘18 Cllr. Rees/Clerk Helping Hands Community Group – contact Two Rivers to suggest a project. New Action



Cllr. Molyneux reported that there was still no news regarding the Five Acres site. He reminded the meeting that the new ‘Growing Our Communities’ fund was available for community projects including those involving youth projects.




          Cllrs. Hale and McFarling reported on the following items:

  • The refusal of two planning applications for another supermarket in Coleford.
  • The compulsory purchase of property at Parkend.
  • The next Full Council meeting was due to be held on 19th April, 2018.  In future these meetings will be streamed live, and it will be possible to catch up online.




          248.1    To note the accounts paid as approved at the last meeting:






Payee Purpose Auth Amount VAT
17/74 BACS Age Concern FoD Grant LGA 1972s.137 £500.00  
17/75 BACS Assembly Rooms Room Hire x 1 LGA 1972s.111 £33.00  
17/76 BACS Chris Haine Mediation Services for St. Briavels PC – Total 7 hours LGA 1972s.137 £350.00  
17/77 BACS GAPTC Being a Good Councillor Course – Cllr. Hurley LGA 1972s.111 £95.00  
17/78 S/O



Ursula Deighton Clerk (February) Salary


Office Allowance


LGA 1972s.112(2)








17/79 BACS Richard Chuter Village Handyman (Feb)

9.5hrs @ £10/hr

Paint and bolts

LGA 1972s.137  






17/80 BACS Reece Safety Products Ltd. 5 x lockable 200L grit bins @ £96.20 each + £40.00 carriage + VAT. LGA 1972s.111 £521.00 £104.20
17/81 BACS St. Briavels Primary School Grant LGA 1972s.137 2,010.00  
17/82 BACS West Glos. N’hood Watch Grant LGA 1972s.137 50.00  
        TOTAL (inc VAT) £4,468.54  


         248.2    It was resolved to authorise the following accounts for payment.  Cllr. Rees chaired this item as the Chairman and Cllr. Hurley had declared interests in this item.






Payee Purpose Auth Amount VAT
18/01 BACS Assembly Rooms Room Hire x 1 LGA 1972s.111 £33.00  
18/02 BACS Chris Haine Final invoice – Mediation Services for St. Briavels PC – Total 7 hours LGA 1972s.137 £350.00  
18/03 BACS GAPTC Annual Subscription LGA 1972s.143 £341.72  
18/04 S/O


Ursula Deighton Clerk (March) Salary


LGA 1972s.112(2)




18/05 BACS Richard Chuter Village Handyman (March)

4.5 hrs

LGA 1972s.137 £45.00  
18/06 BACS N. T. Sargent Grass cutting LGA 1972s.214 £468.00  
18/07 BACS C. M. Packham PAYE Admin Service 18/19 LGA 1972s.112(5) £60.00  
18/08 BACS Cllr. Chivers Payment made to Signs4You for “No Dogs Allowed” signs. LGA 1972s.111 £105.00 £21.00
18/09 BACS Lindors Country House Hotel Mediation – Room Hire and Refreshments LGA 1972s.111 £63.00  
18/10 BACS Cllr. Hurley Travel to Being a Better Councillor Course

61 miles @ £0.45p

LG(FP)A1963s.5 £27.45  
        TOTAL (inc VAT) £2,018.78  


248.3    Financial Checks – Cllrs. Rees and Clarke confirmed that they had carried out a range of financial checks and apart from the paperwork for one payment being missing, all had been in order.  Councillors were reminded to ensure that the chequebook stub is initialled following the signing of a cheque.


248.4    End of Year Figures – 2017/18

Cllr. McFarling presented the end of year figures including the following items:

248.4.1 Bank Reconciliation to end of March, 2018.

248.4.2 Receipts & Payments to 331st March, 2018.

248.4.3 Final Accounts for 01/04/2017 – 31/03/2018.

It was noted that the budget was underspent by just over £12,000, this being the figure allocated from reserves to maintain the precept without change. Over the years, the reserves had been built up to cover the cost of potential cemetery drainage.  With the need for this now lifted, following water sampling tests, the relevant earmarked reserves had now been transferred into general reserves.  Moving forward in 2018/19, the Parish Council will focus on its five priorities of speeding, parking, youth activities, engaging with the public and supporting the elderly and those who are vulnerable.


248.5    Grant Application – St. Briavels School

It was noted that the Clerk is researching whether the Parish Council can lawfully contribute £1,000 towards the cost of repairs to the School chimney and would circulate NALC Legal Topic Note LO1-18.


248.6    Garden Waste Licences

Following consideration, it was resolved to increase the number of garden waste licences required for 2018/19 from three to four at a cost of £30.00 each. Proposed: Cllr. Rees; seconded: Cllr. McFarling and supported by all.


248.7    Ordnance Survey (OS) Map

This item, regarding the purchase of a custom-made personalised OS map at a cost of £16.99, to be considered at the next meeting.


  1. WORKS TO TREES (Ref: P0187/18/TCA)

         Councillors considered the two quotations that had been received.  It was resolved to accept 249.Q1 at a cost of £285.00.  Proposed by Cllr. McFarling, seconded by Cllr. Rees and supported by all.



An update regarding the above-mentioned items following a meeting with Mr. Brian Watkins on 4th April, 2018 was received.  Cllr. Hurley outlined the proposals, detailed on the drawings provided, which included the siting of a number of pinch points, additional road markings and dropped kerbs for crossing points. In response to a question, it was explained that the purpose of the pinch points was to create the illusion of the road being narrower; thereby slowing the traffic. It was agreed that it would be a good idea to have the drawings available at the Get-together.



The meeting noted that options were being looked into regarding the future use of this land.  The Guinness Partnership was prepared to offer their spare land to the Council for a peppercorn rental.  The FoDDC Estates Department would be contacted regarding the remainder of the land in that area.  It is expected to ask for feedback at the Get-together/Farmers Markets.



Councillors received a report following the final part of the mediation process; a joint meeting between both parties.  It was noted that, disappointingly, no agreement had been reached and therefore the Parish Council was unable to provide further assistance to this process.  However, a request by SBAR Trustees, made verbally at the meeting, for the Council’s assistance would be responded to at a future meeting.

The Council wished to minute its thanks to the Wellwisher for his/her support and to the Clerk for liaising with the mediator and both charities during the process.


  1. LEAD COUNCILLOR REPORTS (where not covered elsewhere on the agenda)

253.1    Finance – Cllr. McFarling – nothing further to report.

253.2    Governance & Staffing – Cllr. Rees said that he would send around a questionnaire to everyone    regarding the Clerk’s annual review.

253.3    Footpaths – Cllr. Hurley reported on progress with FSB73, the restricted byway and Jeff Wheeler’s plan to reopen a lost path through to Brockweir.

253.4    Highways – Cllr. Hurley outlined the proposed scheme to add yellow lines in the vicinity of the School in the interests of child safety.  Following discussion, it was agreed that more information is required regarding:

a) What would be the impact of moving cars away from the School?

b) Where do School staff park?

c) What solutions would the parents suggest?

d) How many cars park outside the school and for what timescale?

It was acknowledged that the Parish Council could organise a public meeting, but that prior to doing so it was important to consider all the options and obtain statistical information to inform any decisions made.

253.5    Planning – Cllr. McFarling – no report.

253.6    Emergency Planning/Snow Warden – Cllr. Walker planned to have a draft of the Emergency Plan available for the next meeting.

253.7    Cemeteries – Cllr. Rees reported that the cemetery needed a tidy-up around the edges.

253.8    Assets & Maintenance – Cllr. Chivers informed the meeting that the telephone box had been fixed and that a walk around the Village had highlighted work for Richard Chuter to carry out as part of a long-term maintenance plan.



254.1    Playing Fields Association (PFA) – Cllrs. Rees and McFarling to talk to Cllr. Walker regarding the PFA’s suggestions that they would like the School to be more involved with the Carnival.

254.2    Charles Lord Denton Almshouses Trust – Cllr. Rees reported that the Trust was disappointed with the outcome of mediation and was happy to talk.



         255.1    GAPTC – Annual General Meeting – Saturday, 21st July, 2018 – Call for Resolutions by 11th May.

It was suggested that the Clerk attend the AGM.

255.2    Invitation to attend a meeting regarding Forest Youth Services – Monday, 14th May, 2018.

To consider in advance of this meeting whether this Council would be prepared to make an ‘in principle’ commitment to contribute £2,000 annually to deliver these services. 

                     Following discussion Cllr. Chivers proposed that:

  1. a)         Cllr. Plummer attend a future Youth Services meeting as a fact-finding exercise; not mandated to make an ‘in principle’ commitment to contribute to delivery of these services.
  2. b)          the Council look into the “growing communities’ fund”.

Seconded by Cllr. Hurley and supported unanimously.

255.3    Neighbourhood Planning Workshop – 6th June, 2018 – Cllrs. Rees and McFarling to attend.

255.4    Helping Hands Community Group – Two Rivers Housing – Cllr. Rees/Clerk to liaise regarding contacting Two Rivers to suggest tidying up the Cemetery; overgrowth clearing etc.

255.5    Cllr. Chivers read out a letter received on the night that observed that one or two people were on many of the community groups and that this was not representative.  Cllr. Chivers observed that the Parish Council has no jurisdiction over community groups and that the Parish Council is represented by people elected or co-opted to the Council.  Everyone is able to put themselves forward for election or co-option.



None received.



         At 21.30 it was resolved to extend the meeting by no more than 30 minutes.


  1. PUBLIC COMMENT – It was resolved to suspend Standing Orders to allow members of the public to comment on what has been said during the meeting.

The SBAR representative noted that the Assembly Rooms is a community asset and therefore relevant to the Parish Council.  Another person noted that the path between the Assembly Rooms and the Almshouses had been used amicably for many years.








Time Meeting Venue Agenda items &

Dispensation requests by:

14th May 18.30 Annual PC Meeting followed by PC Meeting Assembly Rooms 4th May
23rd May 18.30 Get-together Pavilion n/a
11th June 18.30 Parish Council Meeting Assembly Rooms 1st June
9th July 18.30 Parish Council Meeting Assembly Rooms 29th June
August   No Meeting    
10th September 18.30 Parish Council Meeting Assembly Rooms 31st August
8th October 18.30 Parish Council Meeting Assembly Rooms 28th September
12th November 18.30 Parish Council Meeting Assembly Rooms 2nd November
December   No Meeting   n/a

NB: 18.30 for viewing of planning applications and talk to parishioners; 19.00 meeting commences.



The following Councillors are required to conduct a financial check by the meeting date shown and report at the following meeting their findings.


Cllrs. Due date
Walker, Plummer 9th July 2018
McFarling, Lounds 8th October 2018
Chivers, Hurley 14th January 2019



Meeting closed at 9.45 p.m.