St. Briavels Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 8th January, 2018 in the Assembly Rooms, St. Briavels at 7:00 p.m.



Cllrs. Chivers (Chairman), Clarke, Hurley, McFarling, Plummer, Rees and Walker.



District Cllr. Hale, Clerk, 18 members of the public for part of the meeting.



Apologies for absence were accepted from Cllr. Lounds and Cllr. Joyce who had been taken ill since the last meeting.  The Chairman, on behalf of his fellow Councillors, hoped that he would continue to make progress to a full recovery.



Cllr. Rees for item 178.3 – travel claim.  Not a declaration of interest but to note that it was Cllr. McFarling’s son who was involved in the attempted abduction.



No requests received.



It was resolved to adopt, as a true record, the minutes of the last meeting held on 13th November, 2017.



The following points are an overview of comments/responses:

  • The limited public survey carried out was not a Parish Council matter and was carried out independently.
  • The resolution made in June 2016 had been overtaken by events in that the recording equipment had no home and the proposal seemed to be unpopular.
  • The Chairman intended to bring a proposal for consideration to the February meeting to rescind the decision taken in June.
  • Child safety was still a high priority.
  • Confirmed that funding earmarked for the cameras was from budgetary underspend and not an increase/change to the budget.  If not required, the funds would be retained in reserves.
  • Concern was expressed regarding a flyer purporting to have the support of 96% of residents and not making clear that it was 96% of those surveyed.
  • Various incidents were mentioned regarding acid attacks on cars, theft of garden ornaments and oil; cameras may have assisted the Police in their enquiries.  Some residents were concerned and frightened.

The public were thanked for their participation and Cllr. McFarling also expressed gratitude that of all the comments received, none had been personalised.



         FOREST OF DEAN DISTRICT COUNCIL – the following applications were considered.


  LPA Ref / applicant Location Proposal
174.1 P1763/17/FUL

Mr. R. Webster

The Poplars, Birch Hill Road, St. Briavels Extensions and alterations to dwelling house. No objections, but ensure that the guidelines in the bat survey are followed.
174.2 P1964/17/FUL

Mr & Mrs J & L Buffrey

30, Castle Crescent, St Briavels Erection of two storey side extension and single storey front extension to provide porch.  Demolition of existing garage.

No objection.


174.3    Application for Tree Works – Cllr. McFarling to liaise with the Clerk to apply for works to the trees in the Cemetery.



         To receive reports on the following ongoing actions:


Minute & Date: Delegated to Details: Status:
160 Jan 2017 Clerk

Cllr. Clarke

Grit Bags – Feedback had been circulated to Cllrs. following a conversation with Highways Manager for Somerset County Council.  Following discussion, it was resolved to use some of the budget allocated for Winter Resilience to purchase 5 static grit bins with lids at a cost of £62 + VAT. Grit bins x 5 had been purchased.


185 Feb 2016 Cllr Chivers Cllr. Chivers proposed that a sum of around £40 be allocated to buy postcrete for this task.  It was estimated that 8 bags would be required. Seconded by Cllr. Hurley; all in favour therefore it was resolved to approve this expenditure. Last post installed.


248.7 April 2017 Cllr. Rees

Cllr. McFarling

Cemetery – draft tree management plan – there was now some snow damage to the trees. Ongoing – report to a future meeting.
48b June 2017 Clerk Revise Asset Register Ongoing – report to February meeting.
96.5 Sept 2017 Cllr. Chivers Three Posts Lane – obtain 2 additional quotes for the work quoted for by TCV. Ongoing – 2 quotes had been sought; awaiting responses.
174.3 Jan 2018 Cllr. McFarling


Application for tree works in the Cemetery. New Action
181 Jan 2018 Cllr. Walker Emergency Plan – adverse weather proposals. New Action
182 Jan 2018 Cllr. Chivers Safety Cameras proposal. New Action
184 Jan 2018 Cllr. McFarling Memorial Tree for Mr. Bart Venner –  look into this further. New Action
185 Jan 2018 Cllr. Chivers Setting Priorities for 2018 – paper to reflect priorities. New Action
186 Jan 2018 Cllr. Plummer Remembrance Sunday 2018 – Centenary – setting up a working party. New Action
188.8 Jan 2018 Cllrs. McFarling & Chivers Birch trees on the old Barrowell Lane in need of attention. New Action




Not present.


  1. REPORTS FROM DISTRICT COUNCILLORS – moved to later in the meeting pending the arrival of Cllr. Hale.



178.1    To note the accounts paid as approved at the last meeting:






Payee Purpose Auth Amount VAT
17/46 BACS Cllr. McFarling Apple Day Expenses:

Hire of Press

Collection/return press

Bridge Toll x 2


LGA 1972s.111

LGA 1972s.174

LGA 1972s.174









17/47 BACS Assembly Rooms Room Hire x 1 LGA 1972s.111 £33.00  
17/48 BACS Assembly Rooms Storage of PC documents:

01/12/15 – 30/11/16 and

01/12/16 – 30/11/17

LGA 1972s.111 £200.00  
17/49 BACS Grant Thornton External Audit – 2016/2017 Annual Return LGA 1972s.111 £200 £40.00
17/50 BACS GAPTC Course fee – Planning – Empowering parish and town councils 31/10/17. LGA 1972s.111 £50.00  
17/51 BACS Parish Online Subscription renewal LGA 1972s. 143 £28.00 £5.60
17/52 BACS Wilson Associates Water sampling, laboratory testing, analysis & report. LGA 1972s. 214(6) £3170.00 £634.00
17/53 S/O


Ursula Deighton Clerk (October) Salary


LGA 1972s.112(2)

LG(FP)A 1963s.5





17/54 300209 The Pavilion Donation re. Apple Day LGA 1972s. 137 £50.00  
17/55 300210 Royal British Legion Donation to RBL for two poppy wreaths. LGA 1972s. 137 £80.00  
17/56 BACS Richard Chuter Village Handyman (Oct) LGA 1972s. 137 £35.00  
17/57 BACS N. T. Sargent Grass Cutting (Oct/Nov) LGA 1972s. 214 £636.00  
        TOTAL (inc VAT) £5,893.77  


178.2    To note the following payments made, having been authorised during the course of the last meeting –  £1,000 to Citizens Advice FoD and £372 including VAT to Reece Safety for the purchase of 5 x grit bins.

Refs 17/58 & 17/59 respectively.


178.3    It was resolved to authorise the following accounts for payment:






Payee Purpose Auth Amount VAT
17/60 BACS Assembly Rooms Room Hire x 1 LGA 1972s.111 £33.00  
17/61 BACS Jamie Morris Filling salt/grit bins in Village. LGA 1972s. 137 £40.00  
17/62 BACS GAPTC Course fee – Data Protection 30/11/17. LGA 1972s.111 £40.00  
17/63 S/O Ursula Deighton Clerk (December) Salary LGA 1972s.112(2) £487.15  
17/64 BACS Cllr. Rees Travel to Planning Training

62 miles @ 0.45p/mile

LGA 1972s. 174 £27.90  
        TOTAL (inc VAT) £627.75  


178.4    Financial Checks – Cllrs. Chivers and Hurley confirmed that, following the financial checks carried out prior to the meeting, all was in order.


         178.5    Financial Position at End of 3rd Quarter was received, and it was noted that the Parish Council was underspent for the year to date which was a continuing situation.  However, it is an opportunity for the Parish Council to invest in large projects such as road safety and also to support and pump-prime community projects/schemes,


178.6    Grant Application – SARA

It was resolved to support an application from The Severn Area Rescue Association for a grant of £500 towards a new Land Search Vehicle.  Proposed: Cllr. Hurley and Seconded: Cllr. Rees and unanimously supported.


  1. DRAFT BUDGET 2018/19

         It was resolved to adopt the proposed budget for 2018/19 subject to the following amendments:

179.1    Additional funds were allocated from reserves to support Newland Parish Council in the opposition to the Breedons Quarry proposals.

179.2    An addendum added to the budget noting that funds reserved for the safety cameras will be re-allocated for other safety measures should the decision be made in February to not continue with this project.

Proposed: Cllr. Chivers and Seconded: Cllr. Clarke; supported unanimously.

It was confirmed that there would be no increase on the 2017/18 figure in the precept (funding) request to the District Council and as such it was resolved to request a precept of £24,240.

Proposed: Cllr. Chivers and Seconded: Cllr. McFarling; supported by all.



Cllr. McFarling provided an update for the meeting regarding the latest planning application by Breedons and suggested that this Council join with Newland Parish Council in objecting to the application.  The draft response would be circulated to Councillors.



Cllr. Walker reported that she had received around 30 telephone calls from residents during the recent adverse weather conditions and several issues has arisen and either been dealt with or actions put in place for the future.  She planned to bring proposals to the next meeting.



Cllr. Rees suggested that the Draft Policy and Privacy Impact Assessment should be put on hold pending the decision at the February meeting.  Cllr. Clarke had circulated a report to members which he briefly ran through and this was noted.  This item to be brought back to the February meeting to consider a proposal by the Chairman.



Cllr. Chivers had circulated a paper to members outlining some thoughts regarding last year’s event which he felt was too long and there was too much food.  He said that he would like to focus on the organisations that did not attend to try to find out why they were not present.  The system of allocating names/organisations to each Councillor had worked well and he would look to repeating this shortly.  It was agreed to look at ways of encouraging individuals to attend this event.



District Cllrs. Hale and McFarling reported on the following issues:

  • A meeting about boar at which Mark Harper had been present.  Although the wild boar are good for tourism, concern is growing regarding association between people and the boar and in particular it was hoped that DEFRA would introduce a byelaw to prevent feeding of the wild boar.
  • The results of the consultation were available on-line regarding the future of hospital provision in the Forest.  Concern was expressed by Parish Councillors that as the local hospitals were often used to accommodate overflow from GRH, there should be no reduction in future bed numbers

unless this practice could be stopped.

  • The District Council budget was out for consultation and available on-line until the end of January and it was noted that a £5 rise in Council Tax (the maximum allowed) was being proposed.



Cllr. McFarling asked the Parish Council to consider planting a tree on the playing fields in memory of Mr. Bart Venner, MBE.  Following discussion Cllr. McFarling agreed to look into this further and report back.



Cllr. Chivers said that he would produce a paper to reflect the following priorities which it was recognised should be ideally addressed/reviewed prior to producing the budget; a position that could be worked towards.

  • Speeding
  • Parking
  • Youth activities
  • Engaging the public
  • Loneliness/Community Club
  • Other suggestions were a Podiatry Service, a Dementia Garden and to explore what is happening at District level.



Following discussion, it was agreed that Cllr. Plummer would work with Mrs. Liz Stuart and advertise in Village News for others to join a working party to make the Centenary Remembrance Service a special event.

Proposed by Cllr. Chivers and Seconded by Cllr. Hurley and supported unanimously.


  1. CEMETERY CHARGES – Cllr. Rees

Cllr. Rees proposed that the cemetery charges for 2018 remain unchanged.  This was seconded by Cllr. Walker and supported by all.


  1. LEAD COUNCILLOR REPORTS (where not covered elsewhere on the agenda)

188.1    Finance – Cllr. McFarling – no further report.

`         188.2    Governance & Staffing – Cllr. Rees – no report.

188.3    Footpaths – Cllr. Hurley updated the meeting regarding issues and progress to date.

188.4    Highways – in the absence of Cllr. Lounds, Cllr. Hurley provided an update on highways issues and agreed to liaise with the Clerk regarding a notice to drivers that use Park Lane.  It was confirmed that £5,000 was reserved for the road safety initiatives; Brian Watkins to be informed.



          At 21.30 it was resolved to extend the meeting by no more than 30 minutes.


188.5    Planning – Cllr. Rees had circulated a report following his attendance at a Planning course and he suggested that the Parish Council may wish to consider producing a Neighbourhood Development Plan within the next 12 months.

188.6    Emergency Planning/Snow Warden – Cllr. Walker – nothing further to report.

188.7    Cemeteries – Cllr. Rees reported that the Environment Agency had confirmed that there was no threat of pollution following the water sampling that had been carried out.  Cllr. McFarling suggested that a maintenance plan should be created for the Cemetery.

188.8    Assets & Maintenance – Cllr. Chivers confirmed that the new bench for Cold Harbour had been delivered and that it would be installed by Richard Chuter.  He also reported that the Birch trees planted on the old Barrowell Lane by the Parish Council in 1973, were in need of attention. Gloucestershire County Council are responsible for the maintenance of trees on Highways land and it was agreed that Cllrs. McFarling and Chivers would progress this issue.



189.1    Playing Fields Association – Cllr. Walker – nothing to report.

189.2    Charles Lord Denton Almshouses Trust – Cllr. Rees – nothing to report.



         190.1    Buckingham Palace Garden Party – Cllr. McFarling’s name to be put forward as the Parish Council’s nominee.

190.2    Volunteer to attend future P & T Council Boar meetings – Cllr. McFarling plus Cllr. Rees.

190.3    Dates and times to meet with representatives of the Guinness Partnership to discuss options for two parcels of land remaining following the Whittington Close development. Clerk to e-mail Councillors



Cllr. Hurley passed around identity cards for everyone to sign; these would be used when representing Parish Council at the Farmers Market/other events.


Cllr. Rees asked whether the Parish Council would be campaigning against bank closures.  He said that he would be writing personally to Mark Harper.


  1. PUBLIC COMMENT – To suspend Standing Orders to allow members of the public to comment on what has been said during the meeting.

The Chairman thanked the two members of the public who remained; one of whom said that she had found the meeting really interesting.


  1. ITEMS FOR FUTURE MEETINGS – Safety Cameras, Emergency Plan.




Date Time Meeting Venue Agenda items &

Dispensation requests by:

12th Feb ‘18 18.30 Parish Council Meeting Assembly Rooms 2nd February
12th Mar ‘18 18.30 Parish Council Meeting Assembly Rooms 2nd March
9th Apr ‘2018 18.30 Parish Council Meeting Assembly Rooms 30th March
14th May ‘18 18.30 Annual PC Meeting followed by PC Meeting Assembly Rooms 4th May

NB: 18.30 for viewing of planning applications and talk to parishioners; 19.00 meeting commences.



The following Councillors are required to conduct a financial check by the meeting date shown and report at the following meeting their findings.


Cllrs. Due date
Rees, Clarke 9th April 2018



          Meeting closed at 9.45 p.m.