St. Briavels Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 12th November, 2018  in the Assembly Rooms, St. Briavels at 7:00 p.m.



Cllrs. Chivers (Chairman), Hurley, Lounds, McFarling, Plummer and Walker.



Cllr. Hale (7.50 p.m.), Clerk, 3 members of the public and 2 members of the FoD Youth Service Initiative.



   It was resolved to accept apologies from Cllrs. Joyce, Clarke and Rees.



Item 148.2 – Accounts for payment.

Cllr. Hurley – payment to SBAR; Cllr. Lounds – reimbursement for bus shelter expenses.

Cllr. Plummer – Action4OurCare – not on the agenda but to be reported on later in the meeting.



None received.



It was resolved to adopt, as a true record, the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on  8th October, 2018.



A member of the public referred to an item discussed at the September meeting (105.1 Ownerless Common Land) and it was noted that he was in possession of documentation regarding common land in the Parish.  The Chairman said that he would be happy to review these documents.



         Following discussion at the last meeting regarding the proposal that the Council contribute to and become involved with this service, Mr. Bob Rhodes and Mr. Chris Brown provided background information and answered questions.  It was explained that if the Parish Council joined this initiative, support would be provided to help set up a range of activities that young people want.  Accountability would lie with the Council’s that sign up to the initiative as they would have ownership of the activities taking place in their community.  The Chairman thanked Mr. Rhodes and Mr. Brown for attending and said that the Council would consider a proposal at a future meeting.



         (This item was brought forward as Cllr. Lounds was on call and needed to leave the meeting by 8.00 p.m.)

Cllr. Lounds reported that the B4228 scheme was back on track for the current financial year, whereas the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) at the School junction had been moved to the next financial year.  He also reported that Brian Watkins will consider rumble strips at each end of the Village.  It was suggested that these would be useful on the approach to Horsepool Lane as well.



         FOREST OF DEAN DISTRICT COUNCIL – the following applications were considered.


LPA Ref / applicant Location Proposal
144.1 P1634/18/FUL

Mr. & Mrs. Cronk

26, Castle Crescent,

St. Briavels

Erection of a two-storey side extension.

No objections.

144.2 P1681/18/FUL

Mr. D. Nuttall

Chickadee House, Cockshoot Hill, St. Briavels Erection of first floor extension to create first floor level including the change of use of existing annexe building for a dual use of an annexe and a self-contained holiday let.

No objections.


         144.3 – It was agreed that Planning Applications received in the remainder of November and in December  would be dealt with via e-mail unless anything controversial (raised by two or more Councillors)  arose; in which case a meeting would be called.



         Updates were received regarding the following ongoing actions:


Minute & Date: Delegated to Details: Status:
96.5 Sept 2017 Cllr. Hurley Three Posts Lane – details will be provided when the work has been scheduled for this path and two others. Ongoing – It was hoped that the PC would be consulted regarding the construction of the path.
131 Oct 2017 Cllrs. Walker & Lounds Christmas lights – lights to be turned on 1st December with the official switch on taking place on 14th December at 6.30p.m. Ongoing – Cllr. Walker to produce posters for the event.
231.1 March ‘18 Cllr. Clarke Draft outline strategic plan – not received. Overtaken by events.
10 May 2018 Cllrs. Hurley & Plummer Grievance Policy, Health & Safety Policy and Community Engagement to be reviewed/overhauled. Ongoing – Clerk to forward electronic copies of the policies.
71.1 July ‘18 Clerk St. Briavels Cricket Club – a report of Summer activities requested Complete
76 July ‘18 Cllr. Plummer Memorial Bench – incorrect bench received; awaiting replacement. Complete
98 Sept ‘18 Clerk



Cllrs. Walker and McFarling

Whittington Close/Play area – obtain second quote for legal work upon receipt of draft terms of the Guinness Partnership lease.

Open afternoon at the Pavilion on 26th October, 1.30-4.30 p.m.

Ongoing – awaiting draft terms of the Guinness Partnership lease; then obtain a 2nd quote.


See item 149

120.6 Oct ‘18 Cllr. Chivers Works to playing field boundary wall – produce a specification of works. Complete
122 Oct ‘18 Cllr. Hurley Village News article for December issue. Complete
125 Oct ‘18 Clerk Community Orchard – write to Playing Fields Committee. Ongoing – e-mail sent; formal letter to be sent as well.
126 Oct ‘18 Cllr. McFarling


Grass Cutting Contract – papers to November meeting. Complete



Not present.



          Cllr. Hale reported on the Forest of Dean Road Safety Meeting that he had attended.  The Community Safety Officer would be working with him to look again at having an advisory 40mph speed limit throughout the Forest.  The installation of ‘gateway’ signs was also being investigated.


Cllr. McFarling informed the meeting that the District Council had unanimously agreed to purchase the Five Acres site for £1.00 and that a business case and feasibility study were going ahead.  In response to a question regarding whether the Parish Councils would have an input into the future of this site, Cllr. McFarling felt that there should be consultation in relation to this.



           148.1 The following accounts paid as approved at the last meeting, were noted:






Payee Purpose Auth Amount VAT Total
18/45 BACS David Ogilvie Engineering Ltd. Memorial bench LGA 1972s.137 £750.00 £150 £900.00
18/47 BACS St. Briavels Assembly Rooms (SBAR) Room Hire x 1 LGA 1972s.111 £33.00
18/48 BACS N.T. Sargent

(CompLandscape Gdns)

Grass cutting LGA 1972s.214 £388.00
18/49 S/O


Ursula Deighton

(Mrs U J Deighton)

Clerk (September) Salary

Travel (September)

Office Allowance


LGA 1972s.112(2)











) £181.46

18/50 BACS Richard Chuter

(R. Chuter)

Village Handyman (September – 18.5 hrs)


LGA 1972s.137 £185.00






18/51 BACS Cllr. Chivers Reimbursement of payment for Carnival stand. LGA 1972s.137 £15.00
18/52 BACS Cllr. Walker Reimbursement of payment for Study Tour. LG(FP)A 1963 s.5 £15.00
18/53 BACS PFK Littlejohn Review of Annual Governance & Accountability Return LGA 1972s.111 £200.00 £40.00 £240.00
18/54 BACS Cllr. McFarling Apple Day Expenses – hire of press and mill, mileage and bridge tolls LGA 1972s.137 £120.00






TOTAL (inc VAT) £2,708.01


148.2    It was resolved to approve the following accounts for payment.






Payee Purpose Auth Amount VAT Total
18/55 BACS St. Briavels Assembly Rooms (SBAR) Room Hire x 1 LGA 1972s.111 £33.00
18/56 300212 The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal 1 x VC Wreath

1 x Type C Wreath

1 x Donation

LGA 1972s.137 £50.00






18/57 S/O


Ursula Deighton

(Mrs U J Deighton)

Clerk (October) Salary

Travel (October)

LGA 1972s.112(2)




18/58 BACS Richard Chuter

(R. Chuter)

Village Handyman (October – 13.5 hours) LGA 1972s.137 £135.00
18/59 BACS Cllr. Lounds

Bus shelter project

2 x pots @ £29.99

2 x plants £25.98

1 x bag compost £6.99

LGA 1972s.137 £77.46 £15.49 £92.95
18/60 BACS GAPTC Planning Applications Training (Clerk) LGA 1972s.111 £50.00
18/61 BACS M. E. Damsell VC Memorial LGA 1972s.137 £440.00 £88.00 £528.00
18/62 BACS Cllr. Walker Provision of food  for Centenary Celebrations. LGA 1972s.137 £54.00
18/63 BACS Parish Online Mapping Software LGA 1972s.111 £35.00 £7.00 £42.00
18/64 Cheque St. Briavels Pavilion Fund Hire of Pavilion for Apple Day LGA 1972s.137 £40.00
TOTAL (inc VAT) £1,596.82


         N.B.      Those Councillors with a declared interest, ‘sat out’ for the items pertaining to their interest.


148.3    Payment for Expenses – Cllr. Walker submitted receipts for the items purchased for the Centenary Celebration.  Approval for payment was supported unanimously – item 18/62 – included in the table above.

148.4    Lockable Notice Board for Bus Shelter it was resolved to approve the cost of purchasing a lockable notice board for the bus shelter on The Square up to a maximum cost £145.90 + VAT.  Proposed Cllr. Chivers; seconded Cllr. Hurley and supported unanimously. The notice board would provide information to locals and visitors.  Cllr. Lounds was suggested as the key holder.


Cllr. Chivers proposed the following:

149.1    That the PC lease the Play Area land from the FoDDC for 25 years with a mutual 2-year Notice period.

149.2    That the PC lease the Whittington Close land from the Guinness Association for 25 years with a mutual 2-year Notice period.

149.3    Both leases to be peppercorn rates (£1).

149.4    That the Play Area is improved by:

  • Purchasing and installing a picnic bench like the one at the Tump,
  • Purchasing and installing a simple shelter for seating and shelter,
  • Maintaining and where appropriate replacing existing play area equipment,
  • Install new waste bin and ask FoDDC to empty.

149.5    That the Whittington Close land is laid to grass (with possibly turf purchased from Waycotts).

149.6    That a tree is planted on the Whittington Close grass to commemorate Bart Venner.

149.7    That a fence is installed between the Whittington Close land and the garages.

149.8    That the grass for the Playing Field and Whittington Close land is added to the Grass Cutting contract as “Amenity Land”.

It was resolved to accept the proposal in principle, including the leasing of the two parcels of land, subject to detailed costs being provided for this project.  Proposed Cllr. Chivers; seconded Cllr. Walker and supported unanimously.



Cllr. Hurley said that he would produce the article and circulate prior to submission to Village News.

Cllr. McFarling agreed to produce and send round the article for the January edition.



          Cllr. Plummer handed a report of the event to the Clerk and highlighted the key points for the meeting.  The event had been an overall success with far more people attending the service and the event afterwards than  had been expected.  She thanked Cllr. Walker, Mrs. Liz Stuart and the Clerk for their contribution in helping her with this event as well as Cllr. Hurley who had done an excellent job supporting the preparations at the Assembly Rooms; true team work.  Cllr. Plummer to bring a proposal, to the January meeting, to buy an exhibition board for the School in recognition of the contribution made to the day.  She also recommended that the ‘after service’ get-together be alternated each year between the Assembly Rooms and the Pavilion.  Cllr. Plummer and the Clerk to liaise regarding thank you letters/e-mails to be sent.



Cllr. McFarling tabled an updated version of the contract and following discussion, it was resolved that this would be circulated via e-mail for comment/approval before Christmas.  An advert would be placed in The Review and The Forester the first week in January requesting that tenders be submitted three weeks later.   These would be brought to the February meeting for a decision for the new contract to commence mid-March.

Proposed by Cllr. McFarling; seconded by Cllr. Hurley and supported unanimously.



The meeting considered the specification for the repair of a section of the boundary wall to the playing fields.  It was agreed that Brian Watkins should be consulted regarding the proposed works. It was resolved to forward the specification to the three contractors that provided the initial quotations and to pass on to any others that Councillors could think of with a view receiving replies by 31st December, 2018 for consideration at the January meeting.  Proposed by Cllr. Chivers; seconded by Cllr. Plummer and supported unanimously.


  1. LEAD COUNCILLOR REPORTS (where not covered elsewhere on the agenda)

154.1    Finance – Cllr. McFarling reminded members that the informal budget meeting was due to be held on 21st November at 7.00 p.m.

`         154.2    Governance & Staffing – Cllr. Rees – not present.

154.3    Footpaths – Cllr. Hurley gave an update of work in progress.  He raised the issue of an article that had appeared in the press regarding one of the Parish footpaths and it was agreed to not reply.

154.4    Highways – Cllr. Lounds – already dealt with earlier in the meeting.

154.5    Planning – Cllr. McFarling – no report.

154.6    Emergency Planning/Snow Warden – Cllr. Walker confirmed that the document circulated for the last meeting was meant to be a working document that would evolve and be added to as and when required.

154.7    Cemeteries – Cllr. Rees – no report.

154.8    Assets & Maintenance – Cllr. Chivers thanked Cllr. McFarling for organising Apple Day which  was a great community event.



155.1    Playing Fields Association – Cllr. Walker – no report.

155.2    Charles Lord Denton Almshouses Trust – Cllr. Rees – no report.

155.3    Child Safety Working Group – Cllr. Chivers reported that the Group was exploring the possibility of  face-to-face courses provided by NSPCC regarding on-line safety and/or working directly with the  School.

155.4    Farmers’ Market – Cllr. Walker to attend the December market.  It was agreed that there was no need  for a rota as attendance could be agreed at the preceding Council meeting depending on who was available.



         156.1    A letter from a parishioner had been circulated to Councillors but it was not possible to respond as no name or address details had been provided.

156.2    Invitation to Carols by Candlelight on Sunday 16th December – Cllr. McFarling to choose a reading for the Parish Council and Cllr. Plummer to choose a carol.  Responses to Rev. Simpson by 1st December.

156.3    Action4OurCare – Cllr. Plummer tabled a copy of the Statement of Values and Principles made to  Parliament and the House of Lords which would protect the legal rights of patients living along the English-Welsh border.

156.4    Dementia Awareness Session – it was agreed to hold the first session of many on Tuesday,

11th December, 2018 at 6.30 p.m. in the Assembly Rooms as the majority of Councillors were able to  attend on this date.





  1. PUBLIC COMMENT – a question was asked regarding Apple Day which Cllr. McFarling responded to.


  1. ITEMS FOR FUTURE MEETINGS – provision of additional street lighting.






Time Meeting Venue Agenda items &

Dispensation requests by:

14th January 18.30 Parish Council Meeting Assembly Rooms 4th January
11th February 18.30 Parish Council Meeting Assembly Rooms 1st February
11th March 18.30 Parish Council Meeting Assembly Rooms 1st March
8th April 18.30 Parish Council Meeting Assembly Rooms 29th March
2nd May Parish Council Elections
13th May 18.30 Annual PC Meeting followed by PC Meeting Assembly Rooms 3rd May
May Tbc Parish Get-together The Pavilion
10th June 18.30 Parish Council Meeting Assembly Rooms 31st May
8th July 18.30 Parish Council Meeting Assembly Rooms 28th June
August No Meeting
9th September 18.30 Parish Council Meeting Assembly Rooms 30th August
14th October 18.30 Parish Council Meeting Assembly Rooms 4th October
11th November 18.30 Parish Council Meeting Assembly Rooms 1st November
December No Meeting

NB: 18.30 for viewing of planning applications and talk to parishioners; 19.00 meeting commences.



The following Councillors are required to conduct a financial check by the meeting date shown and report at the following meeting their findings.


Cllrs. Due date
Chivers, Hurley 14th January 2019


            Meeting closed at 9.30 p.m.