St. Briavels Parish Council
Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 11th September, 2017
in the Assembly Rooms, St. Briavels at 7:00 p.m.

Cllrs. Chivers (Chairman), Clarke, Hurley, Joyce, McFarling, Lounds, Rees and Walker. Mrs. Plummer joined the Council after her co-option.

County Cllr. Molyneux, Clerk, 6 members of the public and one member of the press.

Apologies for County Cllr. Hale were received.

Cllrs. Joyce and Rees declared an interest in item 97 (SBAR/AH mediation offer). Also noted Cllr. McFarling does not have a pecuniary interest in item 104 (Safety Cameras).

No requests received.

Standing Order 1.18 (which requires a show hands when voting on any question) was suspended to allow an anonymous ballot for this item.

Councillors considered applications from the following persons who had put their names forward for co-option (to replace Mr. Stuart) – Mrs. Pamela Plummer and Mr. Mike Smith. (It was noted that Mr. Crossley had decided to withdraw his application.) Following a ballot, it was resolved to co-opt Mrs. Pam Plummer to the Parish Council.

It was resolved to adopt, as a true record, the minutes of the last meeting held on 10th July, 2017.

Safety Cameras – Mr. Heffner informed the Council that a cross section of residents, approximately 100, had been approached regarding the installation of cameras in the village and around 96% were against the proposal. Concerns had been expressed regarding data protection, lack of information and the siting of the cameras.
Notes of the Public Meetings – in response to a question regarding the minuting of the public meetings, it was explained that these meetings were not official Parish Council meetings and as such there was no requirement for formal minutes to be produced. However, notes of these meetings were available on the website.

FOREST OF DEAN DISTRICT COUNCIL –the following application was considered.

LPA Ref / applicant Location Proposal
92.1 P1336/17/FUL
Mrs. P. Parry
Dunromin, East Street,
St. Briavels Erection of a rear extension. Change of use of land to provide additional residential curtilage.
No Objection.

92.2 P0067/17/DISCON – Cross Keys Cottage, East Street, St. Briavels
The above mentioned application was dealt with by e-mail consultation during the holiday period and it was noted that no objection was raised against the discharge of condition 03 (render of property) of planning permission P1017/16/FUL.

To receive reports on the following ongoing actions:

Minute & Date: Delegated to Details: Status:
52.5 July 2015 Cllr. Walker

Cllr. McFarling/ Cllr. Lounds Emergency Plan circulated.

Grit Bags – Cllr. Walker reported that having contacted Somerset County Council, she had been informed that she should contact their Highways Dept. Moved to main agenda –
item 98.

Ongoing – CMcF to contact Somerset and PL to contact Brian Watkins.
185 Feb 2016 Cllr Chivers A working party to be organised to install the marker posts. Ongoing
160 Jan 2016 Cllr. McFarling

Confirmed that the carriageway and footway are dedicated Highway. The grass/tarmac strip between carriageway and footway is the responsibility of Two Rivers Housing. Ongoing – Clerk to check files to see if there is a copy of the contract between PC/Two Rivers.
99 Sept 2016 Cllr. Walker To explore the options/costings of having Christmas lights in the village for 2017 – lights in the Castle Moat was a popular suggestion from the Get-together. Ongoing – separate agenda item to October meeting.
190 Feb 2017 Cllr. Lounds PL written to parents/governors re. actions regarding placement of cones. Moved to main agenda –
item 100.
192 Feb 2017 Cllr. Rees
Clerk Eight plots have been identified that may have exclusive rights, i.e., use of the land for 100 years, but there is no record of these ‘rights’ being issued. Closed – the situation was noted and so it must be assumed that exclusive rights were issued and paid for.
195.1 Feb 2017 Clerk Look into alternatives re. investing PC reserves. Ongoing – Clerk to report to the October meeting.
196.3 Feb 2017 Clerk Dog fouling on the Playing Fields. The PC can apply for a PSPO. Moved to main agenda – item 99.
217 March 2017 Cllr. Lounds Car Parking – put together a proposal following the site meeting. Moved to main agenda –
item 100.
248.7 April 2017 Cllr. Rees
Cllr. McFarling Cemetery – noted that the trees around the perimeter or the cemetery should be assessed regularly for safety reasons. Ongoing
23.3 May 2017 Cllr. McFarling Liaise with NCS re. treatment of the Japanese Knotweed on the Tump. Moved to main agenda –
item 101.
48a June 2017 Cllr. McFarling/
Clerk Risk Management Review by September meeting. Moved to main agenda –
item 103.
48b June 2017 Clerk Revise Asset Register by September meeting. Ongoing

48b June 2017 Cllrs. Chivers & Lounds Undertake a risk assessment of assets as soon as possible. Moved to main agenda –
item 102.
51 June 2017 Clerk Safety Cameras – write to SBAR to request permission to house the safety camera computer in the Assembly Rms. Moved to main agenda –
item 104.
52 June 2017 Cllrs. Walker & Lounds Additional Safety Measures – noted that lighting had been improved by the bus shelters and people were walking their dogs at appropriate times of the day. Ongoing – costings for personal safety alarms to be brought to the October meeting.
58.3 June 2017 Cllr. Chivers Conservation volunteers – find out what costs are involved. Moved to main agenda –
item 96.5.

Cllr. Molyneux reported that the contract for highways maintenance would no longer be serviced by AMEY and that there was a new contract in place. Also, he asked the Council to get in touch with him as soon as possible regarding funding for any highways issues.

Cllr. McFarling reported:
• that the consultation period for the draft recommendations for the electoral boundary review was now open for comment until 6th November, 2017. There is a link on the FoDDC website which can be used to find out more information including interactive maps.
• that in July, there had been a change of Leader, Tim Gwilliam, and a new Cabinet; details of which can be found on District’s website.
• that with regards to the ‘shared services partnership’, a new company is to be set up to manage this.
• That Member briefings are now open to the public for anyone interested in attending.

96.1 Accounts paid in July were noted.

ref Chq
no Payee Purpose Auth Amount VAT
17/24 BACS Assembly Rooms Room Hire x 1 LGA 1972s.111 £33.00
17/25 BACS FoD Road Safety Campaign Minute 144, 14/11/2016 refers LGA 1972s. 137 £50.00
17/26 BACS Ursula Deighton Clerk (June) Salary
Travel LGA 1972s.112(2)
LG(FP)A1963s.5 £469.50

17/27 BACS Cllr. Chivers St. Briavels Carnival – stand fee. LGA 1972s.111 £15.00
17/28 BACS Richard Chuter Village Handyman
(June – 12 hours) LGA 1972s. 137 £120.00
17/29 BACS N. T. Sargent Grass Cutting LGA 1972s. 214 £456.00
17/30 300208 Djabot Drumming Group Part of £250 grant to support St. B. Celebration. LGA 1972s. 137 £50.00
TOTAL (inc VAT) £1,220.32

96.2 Accounts paid during August were noted.

ref Chq
no Payee Purpose Auth Amount VAT
17/31 BACS N. T. Sargent Grass Cutting LGA 1972s. 214 £636.00
17/32 BACS Ursula Deighton Clerk (July) Salary + O/time
Travel LGA 1972s.112(2)
LG(FP)A1963s.5 £640.87

17/33 BACS Ursula Deighton Purchase of Fireproof Document Box LGA 1972s.111 £41.99 £8.40
17/34 BACS The Pie House at Cinderhill Farm Buffet for Get-together LGA 1972s. 137 £250.00
TOTAL (inc VAT) £1,612.86

96.3 Accounts to be paid – it was resolved to authorise the following accounts for payment.
(Proposed Cllr. Chivers : Seconded Cllr. McFarling : all in favour.)

ref Chq
no Payee Purpose Auth Amount VAT
17/35 BACS Assembly Rooms Room Hire x 1 LGA 1972s.111 £33.00
17/36 BACS Chris Haine Mediation Services LGA 1972s. 137 £150.00
17/37 BACS Ursula Deighton Clerk (August) Salary
Travel LGA 1972s.112(2)
LG(FP)A1963s.5 £487.15

17/38 BACS Richard Chuter Village Handyman
(July – 8hrs & August 7hrs) LGA 1972s. 137 £150.00
17/39 BACS N. T. Sargent Grass Cutting LGA 1972s. 214 £456.00
17/40 BACS Calendar Lady Printing village leaflets LGA 1972s. 144 £120.00
17/41 BACS A. Martin, NCS Eradication of Japanese Knotweed LGA 1972s.111 £60.00 £12.00
TOTAL (inc VAT) £1,477.51

96.4 Unity Trust Bank – Change of Signatories
To formally change signatories for the Unity Trust Bank accounts, the resolution detailed below must be passed and recorded in the minutes and the date when the resolution was passed must be included on the form to be submitted to the bank.

“St. Briavels Parish Council resolves that:
• the people named on the Unity Trust Bank ‘Changing your signatories’ form will be authorised signatories on all accounts. *
• instructions and changes will be given in line with the mandate.
• it is aware Unity Trust Bank may not make enquiries before acting on instructions given by an authorised signatory.
• it will notify Unity Trust Bank of any changes to the organisation in writing.”

* Existing signatories & viewer/authorisers (VA) are Cllrs. Chivers and Rees plus Cllr. McFarling and the Clerk as viewer/submitters (VS). The following to be added as VA’s – Cllrs. Clarke, Hurley, Joyce, Lounds, Plummer and Walker.

Proposed by Cllr. Chivers and Seconded by Cllr. Rees – all in favour.

96.5 The Conservation Volunteers (TCV)
Members had been circulated with the quotation from TCV for work on Three Posts Lane to replace the steps and it was noted that the total cost of this project was £2,505.52 plus VAT. It was agreed that Cllr. Chivers should obtain two more quotes based on the same specification as that provided verbally to TCV.

96.6 Grant Request
A request from St. Briavels Cricket Club for a grant of £1,200 to purchase a cricket cage/nets and a synthetic wicket was considered. It was resolved to accept this request in principle pending receiving satisfactory answers to the following points that were raised:
i) Cllr. McFarling to check whether planning permission is required.
ii) Confirmation was required that the Playing Fields Committee had agreed to the creation of this practice area.
iii) Where would the equipment be stored over Winter?
Iv) Would the wicket be protected during events such as the Carnival?
Proposed by Cllr. Plummer and Seconded by Cllr. McFarling – all in favour.

Together with the agenda papers for tonight’s meeting, Councillors had been circulated with the latest letters from each of the charities, as well as information from Mr. Haine, the mediator, clarifying the differences between mediation and arbitration. The following resolution as set out in the agenda was considered.

a) This Council resolves to repeat its offer (item 24, 8th May, 2017) to St. Briavels Assembly Rooms (SBAR), of paying for and providing an impartial mediator to help resolve the dispute between the Charles Lord Denton Almshouses (AH) and SBAR over the dispute regarding the path running between SBAR and the Almshouses.
b) To avoid misinterpretation, clarification of what this Council understands to be mediation will be provided to Councillors, the meeting and all relevant parties.
c) This Council kindly asks that a written letter or e-mail confirming acceptance of this offer be received from SBAR Trustees by 5.00 p.m. on Friday, 15th September, 2017.

It was noted that of the £700 allocated funding (£200 from the Parish Council and £500 from A Wellwisher as a contribution towards the PC’s ‘project’) £550 remained as the mediator had taken time to prepare and had allocated time for the initial telephone contact sessions. The differences between mediation and arbitration were also discussed. It was resolved to make the Council’s offer of mediation (as originally intended to bring both parties together) one more time. Proposed by Cllr. McFarling and Seconded by Cllr. Hurley and of those able to vote on the resolution there were 6 votes for and 1 against.

PMN: For reference purposes – the final paragraph of the letter from A Wellwisher states “If, for any reason, the project does not proceed or that not all the money is spent, please accept these funds as a General Donation to the Council.”

An outline Emergency Plan produced by Cllr. Walker had been circulated to members. It was acknowledged that the purpose of the Plan was to provide local information to the emergency services and to provide support to Parishioners at a time of crisis. Cllr. Walker informed members that she would be meeting with the Practice Manager to discuss training requirements for volunteers and Cllr. Hurley said that he would like to join her at the meeting to be held on 25th at 11.30 a.m. It was agreed that this was a good start and that a Working Group should be created to help Cllr. Walker complete this task.

A briefing paper produced by the Clerk regarding the process for applying for a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) was received. Cllr. McFarling said that he would try to find out what the cost implications would be regarding contributing towards the cost of enforcement and check whether dog waste is added to general waste.

Cllr. Lounds reported on progress to date with regards to a number of road safety issues and the following points were noted:

100.1 Cones had been obtained and photos taken of their placement and all that remained was to finalise who would place them out and collect them in on a daily basis.
100.2 20’s Plenty – signs have been placed at the four entrances to the village as well as a number of 30 mph signs.
100.3 Speed Monitoring – a site had been identified and it was hoped that if it can be proven that generally vehicles travel at 20 mph, then this could be formalised.
100.4 Funding support for road safety issues – itemised funding costs and proposals to be sent to Cllr. Molyneux.
100.5 Electronic speed sign – waiting for Brian Watkins to report back regarding this.

The Chairman thanked Cllr. Lounds and stressed that this was a good start towards addressing the issues regarding speeding that were raised at the public meetings.

Cllr. McFarling reported that the stand of Japanese Knotweed on the Tump had almost certainly been eradicated; however, it would be checked next year in case some had survived. He would bring to the next meeting a strategy for dealing with other areas of JK in the Parish.

Following a review of assets over the Summer, Cllr. Chivers proposed that “each asset should be reviewed annually and photographed for the October meeting and that the assets would also be reviewed for the February meeting (but not photographed). The October and February meetings will plan for any noted disrepairs. An asset register will be kept of the last review date and photograph. The asset register will be held by the Clerk. The Lead Councillor for Assets and Maintenance is responsible for ensuring the reviews are undertaken. The purpose of the reviews is to ensure that our assets are maintained and that their insurance is valid.” It was resolved to accept Cllr. Chivers’ proposal. Seconded by Cllr. Lounds – all in favour.

Cllr. McFarling reported that he had carried out a review of the Parish Council’s Risk Management Policy and concluded that the Policy was valid and relevant. It was resolved to accept this update to the Council’s Key Documents.

It was resolved, following consideration of the survey detailed earlier in the meeting, to clarify the position of the current proposal and undertake a review of the project to identify a suitable location to site the system’s computer, to clarify and address data protection and other concerns and to obtain detailed costings. The process for dealing with review to be brought to the October meeting. Proposed by Cllr. Rees and seconded by Cllr. Clarke and all voted in favour.

The arrangements for Remembrance Sunday, 12th November, 2017 were noted. Cllr. Rees proposed that the Parish Council place an additional wreath of white poppies, for peace, on the memorial gates. Seconded by Cllr. Walker and all voted in favour except for one abstention.

Cllr. Chivers proposed that this Lead Councillor role be transferred from himself to Cllr. Hurley. This was seconded by Cllr. Lounds and all voted in favour.

107. LEAD COUNCILLOR REPORTS (where not covered elsewhere on the agenda)
107.1 Finance – Cllr. McFarling reported that the Council is on budget on all items and also funds were available to ensure that it could cope with an emergency or loss of precept. He suggested that an informal meeting be held, as normal, to draft the budget to be presented to the November meeting. Thereafter, the draft budget to be placed on the website and any relevant comments taken into consideration in preparation of the final budget. Proposed by Cllr. McFarling and seconded by Cllr. Clarke; majority in favour, 2 abstentions.
` 107.2 Governance & Staffing – Cllr. Rees – no report.
107.3 Footpaths – Cllr. Hurley informed the meeting that he had made contact with the PROW officer regarding way markers and maps. He had been in touch with a local farmer regarding an issue with barbed wire; undertaken some path clearing; was creating a file with information pertaining to the Council’s footpaths; had met with Hewelsfield and Chepstow groups and would be asking via Village News for volunteers to help with path clearance. He also suggested that it might be helpful for his contact details to be published in Village News as the point of contact for footpaths.
107.4 Highways – Cllr. Lounds – nothing further to report.
107.5 Planning – Cllr. McFarling – no report.
107.6 Emergency Planning/Snow Warden – Cllr. Walker expressed concern at the quality/effectiveness of the salt left at the bottom of the bins. Brian Watkins to be contacted as soon as possible.
107.7 Cemeteries – Cllr. Rees reported that he was expecting the final report very soon following the water sampling.
107.8 Amenities & Maintenance – Cllr. Chivers informed the meeting that Richard Chuter had been out and about over the summer and he asked that Councillors let him know of any work that needed to be carried out.

108.1 Playing Fields Association – Cllr. Walker – no report.
108.2 Charles Lord Denton Almshouses Trust – Cllr. Rees – no report.
108.3 William Whittington Charity – Cllrs. McFarling and Joyce – members noted with sadness the death of Mr. Bart Venner.
108.4 United Charities – Cllrs. McFarling and Joyce – no report.
It was resolved to remove the William Whittington Charity and United Charities from the regular agenda as they met infrequently.

109.1 Electoral Review of Forest of Dean: Draft Recommendations – noted.
109.2 Local Rights of Way – letter from a Parishioner – replied to and in hand.
109.3 Redbrook Together – Cllr. McFarling – deferred until the next meeting.
109.4 Parish & Town Council Liaison Meeting – 26th October, 2017 – Cllrs. Chivers and Walker to attend.
109.5 GAPTC – Retrospective Planning Applications – Cllr. Rees to draft a letter and circulate for discussion and the next meeting.
109.6 GAPTC – Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) – noted for information.

It was noted that bollards had been removed on Cockshoot Hill – Cllr. Chivers to contact Brian Watkins to ask for them to be replaced. Also, the new Village information leaflets had been distributed to outlets around the area.

• A parishioner expressed concern about the way correspondence was handled at the Parish Council. He was encouraged to continue to contact the Council.
• Support was expressed for the Cricket Club.
• It was mentioned that Three Posts Lane was always called Three Posts Lane and that it required levelling off rather than installing new steps.
• A member of the public felt that it was concerning that the Parish Council had not supported the request for a memorial stone for Admiral Carpenter but continued to lay a wreath on Remembrance Sunday for him.


At 21.30 it was resolved to extend the meeting by no more than 30 minutes.

112. ITEMS FOR FUTURE MEETINGS – Village News for everyone; having a stand at the Farmers’ Market with a different subject each month.


Date Time Meeting Venue Agenda items &
Dispensation requests by:
9th Oct 17 18.30 Parish Council Meeting Assembly Rooms 29th September
13th Nov 17 18.30 Parish Council Meeting Assembly Rooms 3rd November
Dec 17 No Meeting
NB: 18.30 for viewing of planning applications and talk to parishioners; 19.00 meeting commences.

The following Councillors are required to conduct a financial check by the meeting date shown and report at the following meeting their findings.

Cllrs. Due date
McFarling, Lounds 9th October 2017
Chivers, Hurley 8th January 2018
Rees, Clarke 9th April 2018

Meeting closed at 9.42 p.m.