The table below indicates the extant adopted policies of St Briavels Parish Council.  Each policy and its review date are presented here.

Click on the link to the policy to view it.  The separate policies are provided for convenience but the “Standing Orders & Policies” document is the master document.

Policy Description Last reviewed
Standing Orders & Policies The rules under which our meetings are run with additional policies as appendices September 2014
Part B – Role of Subsidiary Groups The purpose and terms of reference of our sub-committees etc. September 2014
Part C – Code of Conduct The principles of behaviour for Councillors September 2014
Part D – Financial Regulations The conduct of the Council’s financial transactions September 2014
Part E – Complaints Procedure The Council’s Complaints Procedure September 2014
Part F – Power and Duties The power and duties of the Council September 2014
Part G – Risk Assessment The Council’s annual risk assessment September 2014
Part H – FoI Publication Scheme The Council’s Freedom of Information publication scheme September 2014
Part I – Data Protection The Council’s Data Protection Policy September 2014
Part J – Disciplinary Procedure The Disciplinary Procedure for the Council’s staff September 2014
Part K – Grievance Procedure The Grievance Procedure for the Council’s staff September 2014
Part L – Community Engagement The policy for Community Engagement September 2014
Part M – Training Policy The Training Policy for the Council’s members and staff September 2014
Part N – Grants Policy The Council’s Grants Policy and application form September 2014

For any further information please contact the Parish Clerk.