10th February 2010


I hereby give notice of a Meeting of the Parish Council and summon members to attend. Members of the public and press are welcome.  The meeting will be held on Monday 15th February 2010 at the Assembly Rooms, St Briavels at 7.30pm for transaction of business in the following Agenda.


Yours faithfully


Dave Kent, Clerk to the Council



  1. To receive and accept apologies for absence
  2. To adopt the minutes of the previous meeting held 18th January 2009
  3. To consider matters arising (information only)
  4. To receive declarations of interest on agenda items

(Break for Public Participation. The FODDC Street Warden Damien Collins will deliver a presentation here )

5.     To receive reports from Committee Meetings and other sessions attended:

(a) Planning

(b) GCC and CC reports

(c) Councillors’ meeting with Neil Maxfield of Highways (defer until item 12 below)

6.    To consider policing issues

7    To receive the financial statements (to be presented at the meeting), and to approve these payments:

a) Clerks’ Salary and expenses                                                         £311.41

b) PAYE                                                                                                   £53.40

To agree the transfer of £360.00 from the Lloyds investment account to the current account to cover the above payments

8      To consider the request from St Briavels School for a £500.00 grant towards promoting healthy eating and bringing the school’s meals service in-house. (Correspondence attached for members).

9      To consider the proposal from the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Partnership (AONB) in relation to improvements and repairs to Three Post Lane and St Brides Well, and to some tree management to preserve the unique views of the Wye Valley from the village. Decisions required: is the project to go ahead? What is the extent of the Parish Council’s contribution (eg funding, ongoing maintenance)?

Correspondence attached for members.

10     To consider the Village Feature.

11     To consider the Village Information Pack

12     1) To consider the Cemetery Drainage Project and possible grants

2) To review Parish owned benches

13     Highways: To consider road maintenance and the provision of salt, grit and bins.

14     To approve the contract valued £450.00 (plus VAT) for tree management at High Green, Barrowell Lane

15     To consider the request from Gloucestershire County Council (copy attached for members) to reduce street lighting.

16.    To consider the future of the Mork Parish notice board

17     To receive correspondence: for information – file to be issued at meeting

18     To agree the dates for forthcoming meetings

Mon 1 March (at the Pavilion)                         Planning 8pm

Thurs 4 March (Assembly Rooms)                  Footpaths 7.30pm, Staffing 8.15pm

Thurs 11 March (Assembly Rooms)                Cemetery 7.30pm

Mon 15 March (Assembly Rooms)                 Parish Council 7.30pm, Planning 9pm