I hereby give notice of a meeting of the Parish Council and summon members to attend. Members of the public and press are welcome.  The meeting will be held on Monday 20th September 2010 at the Assembly Rooms, St Briavels at 7.30pm for transaction of business in the following Agenda.

Yours faithfully,

Dave Kent

Clerk to the Council


  1. To receive and accept apologies for absence
  2. To adopt the minutes of previous meeting held 16th August, and to consider any items arising (information only)
  3. To receive councillors’ register of interests
  4. To receive declarations of interest on Agenda items

(Break for Public Participation; note that Mr P Blatchly, Funeral Director (Re Item 7a) and Mr P Tufmell, of Tufnell Town and Country Planning (Re Item 8) have expressed an interest is speaking at this point

  1. To receive reports from Committee and other Meetings:

(a)  Planning – applications discussed, decisions received (See also agenda item 8 below)

(b) Cemetery Committee (See also agenda item 9.below)

(c) Other meetings attended by councillors

(d)  District and County Councillors reports

(e) Councillors’ written reports

6.      To receive a presentation from the Village Agent Richard Skinner (item to be confirmed).

7.     To consider policing issues

8.      To consider an issue brought forward from the Planning Committee.

Pre-Application Consultation: Development of  land south of St Anne’s Way (copy enclosed for members)

9.    To consider issues brought forward from the Cemetery Committee

Policy on prepayment for cemetery plots

Designation of areas within the Cemetery

Definition of residence;

Tree maintenance

Maintenance of children’s’ area and garden of remembrance

Revision of Cemetery Rules and Regulations (Copy of existing Rules enclosed for members)

10.   Finance

a) To receive the financial statements (enclosed for members) and approve  payments

i) Clerks Salary and Expenses         £323.18                   Conditions of Service for Clerks 1996)

LG(FP)A 1963 s5

ii) Clerk’s PAYE                                   £55.90                 Inland Revenue Schedule E/ Arnold-Baker P172

iii) Hire of Assembly Rooms               £42.00                 NGA 1972 Sch 12

iv) Grasscutting                                  £302.00                SI 1986/1782

v) To approve expenditure up to £100 for emergency tree management in Barrowell Lane

b) No transfer from the business account is required to support these payments

c) To approve the re-investment of funds in the Guaranteed Co-op Investment Account

11.   To receive Project/Action Report for all current actions and projects  (copy attached)

12.  To discuss highways issues:

To approve emergency tree maintenance in Barrowell Lane

13    To make arrangements for Remembrance Day

14.. To receive correspondence

15.   To allow further public participation

16   To receive proposals for items for next meeting

17.  To agree the dates of next meetings:

Mon 4 October     Planning 8pm

Mon 18 October  Parish Council 7.30pm, Planning 9pm