George Road
Lydney GL15 4TL

12th August 2008

I hereby give notice of a meeting of the Parish Council and summon members to attend. Members of the public and press are welcome. The meeting will be held on Monday 18th August 2008 at the Playing Fields Pavilion, St Briavels at 7.30pm for transaction of business in the following Agenda. Prior to the start of the meeting at 7.15pm there will be a presentation of our certificate for Quality Council Status.

Yours faithfully
Michelle Saddington

Michelle Saddington
Clerk to the Council

1. To receive and accept apologies for absence
2. To adopt the minutes of previous meeting held 21st July 2008
3. To receive declarations of interest on Agenda items
(Break for Public Participation)
4. To receive reports from Committee Meetings:
(a) Planning – applications discussed, decisions received and correspondence are in additional information for members
(b) Any other meetings attended by councillors
5. To receive the financial statement (enclosed for members) and approve transfer and payments a) Clerks Salary b) Mowtech grasscutting c) Moore Stephens Audit Fees.
6. To receive the report of the external auditor
7. To agree to reinvest in the Co-operative guaranteed investment account for a further three months
8. To receive an update on issues reported to the Highways Department and report on a meeting with them to look at issues in the parish.
9. To discuss regular pattern for committee meetings.
10. To discuss village entry signs and advertising – Councillor Slater to report.
11. To discuss the future of the health centre.
12. To discuss progress on works at the Assembly Rooms
13. To discuss the appointment of David Rees as a representative to the St Briavels charity trustees
14. To discuss consultation by FODDC on Supplementary Planning Policies on Affordable Housing (details circulated last month in additional papers)
15. To discuss the condition of the frontage of Ashfield House
16. To agree the summer newsletter – copy in additional papers for councillors.
17. To receive correspondence – a) for information – members see additional information sheet b) requiring discussion/action: GCC Waste management questionnaire & FODDC planning vision statement from last month’s correspondence. Invitations: Highway Maintenance Seminar Weds 15th October, Chartered Parishes Group Meeting Thurs 28th August 7pm, FODDC Car Park Management presentation 27th August 6.30pm, A466 local councils meeting to discuss landslips in September, FODDC planning department request suggestions for meeting groups, agenda items etc.
18. To receive suggestions for items for next meeting and deal with minor items
19. To agree the dates of next meetings:
4th September – Cemetery Committee – starting in cemetery at 7.15pm
Planning Committee to be arranged
15th September – Parish Council 7.30pm – Planning 9pm